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You’ll Want to Gobble Up These Thanksgiving Table Decorating and Dessert Ideas

Here at Soundbuilt Homes we are incredibly thankful to have been connecting new home buyers in the Puget Sound region with the new homes of their dreams for more than 30 years!  We thought that you might be looking for a few tasty Thanksgiving dessert ideas or some decorating ideas for your Thanksgiving table or mantelpiece, and we didn’t have to go far to find some!

Thanksgiving might be the most colorful holiday of them all.  Traditional Thanksgiving themed decorations and desserts draw from the colors of the Autumn season seen everywhere from falling Autumn leaves to the pumpkins, peppers, multi-colored Corn, squash and other gourds that are seen so often in Thanksgiving greeting cards and table scapes. 

Without further ado, here are some photos and recipes to inspire your Thanksgiving decorating, Thanksgiving tablescapes and Thanksgiving holiday menus: 

Thanksgiving Tablescapes, Thanksgiving Tabletop Decorations and Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Thanksgiving tree Thanksgiving centerpiece

1. Thanksgiving Tree / Thankfulness Tree

This stunning Thanksgiving tree could be your Thanksgiving centerpiece or adorn your mantle from Thanksgiving right on through to Christmas and New Year’s holidays.  Use real or stripped artificial branches and cut simple circles from craft paper, wrapping paper or let guests or kids color designs and then hang them from your Thanksgiving Tree centerpiece.  Place in a glass mason jar or your favorite vase and wrap a few strands of raffia around the vase to finish.

2.  Tall glass cylinder vases filled with fall bounty

Fill tall glass cylinders or vases with colorful mini pumpkins and mini gourds, leaves, nuts or other season items (real or artificial!)

3.  Pillar Candles and Pumpkins

Replace your pillar candles with small or miniature pumpkins for instant Thanksgiving tablescape accents, to place beside place settings, atop mantles or on your Thanksgiving buffet.

4. Feather Bouquets

Forget flowers – your local craft store likely has thousands of inexpensive tall feather accents that you can use to create your own long-lasting feather bouquet. We love the combination of seasonal browns in this gray urn style vase.

5.  Low to No Cost Thanksgiving Centerpieces

You might have what you need for the ultimate bright Thanksgiving centerpiece right outside your front door!  Branches with bright autumn leaves can be placed in a large vase to be used as your Thanksgiving centerpiece or to brighten up an entry or side table.

Thanksgiving centerpieces

thanksgiving place setting ideas

Thanksgiving Place Settings, Thanksgiving Napkin Rings and Thanksgiving Placecard Holders

6.  Feathery Fall Thanksgiving Place Setting

As long as you’ve got the feathers anyway, why not extend them to individual Thanksgiving place settings atop, aside or around napkins and silverware, in tall drinking glasses or elsewhere.

7.  Colorful Solids and Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

Brightly colored or metallic bracelets or colorful ponytail holders can double as Thanksgiving napkin rings.

8.  Thanksgiving Napkin Ring and Silverware Holder

Wrap silverware with a linen napkin and then tie with a ribbon and leaves in fall colors in lieu of a traditional Thanksgiving napkin ring place setting.

9.  Thanksgiving Place Card Holders

Inexpensive but oh-so-chic, turn old wooden clothespins into a work of Thanksgiving place holder artwork.  Spray with metallic gold or silver (or your favorite metallic color) spray paint, add a bit of berry spray and a 2” x 3.5” (business card sized) place card with the name of your guest, a Thanksgiving quote or Thanksgiving sentiment or a Thanksgiving poem or greeting.

Thanksgiving Mantle, Shelf and Table Decorations, Florals and Candles

10.  Thanksgiving Plenty in Pepper Flower Pots

You heard us right, hollow out green, red, orange or yellow bell peppers and you’ve created an instant Thanksgiving flower arrangement holder that can be placed on your Thanksgiving buffet, become part of your Thanksgiving tablescape or be set beside each guest’s place setting.

11. Thanksgiving China Topiary

If your taste trends toward the traditional or you have family heirlooms to display, turn your family heirloom china into an elegant, instant Thanksgiving tea cup, plate and saucer china topiary.

12.  Thanksgiving Hurricane Candles

Here’s a “nutty” idea – line hurricane candle holders with nuts, berries, candy corn, unpopped corn kernels and other autumn-colored edibles.

13.  Thanksgiving Decorations for Kids

From the kitchen of Martha Stewart (who else?) comes this great Thanksgiving craft project which can turn into your Thanksgiving table décor.

decorating ideas for thanksgiving decor

Thanksgiving dessert ideas Thanksgiving dessert recipes

Delicious Thanksgiving Desserts that Double as Thanksgiving Decorations

14.  Peanut Butter Cup Pilgrim Hat Cookies

We wish we’d have thought of this first, but it’s definitely going to be on the menu this Thanksgiving.  Turn chocolate wafers and peanut butter cups into delicious peanut butter cup pilgrim hat desserts.

15.  Pear Place Holders

These elegant pear Thanksgiving place card holders should go beside each place setting. To turn them into dessert, simply dip them in chocolate or caramel first!

16.  Pumpkin Parfait

These decadent Thanksgiving dessert pumpkin parfaits can be made in a large clear compote or individual glasses like those shown here for easy serving.

17.  Colorful Corn Cookies

Reese’s Pieces become the focal point of guests eyes and their dessert imaginings when you make these easy-to-assemble harvest corn cookies for your guests.


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